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Thursday, December 18th, 2014

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How to Tell If Someone Has Sent You a Psychic Attack

It is not always easy to tell if someone has launched a psychic attack on your but with that said it’s not hard to know if you really want to know. Often times a person may feel some sort of discomfort and sense that there has been an attack launched on them. This is due to all the miserable feelings that have suddenly fallen on them. Although they may sense that it is an attack they may be in... [Read more]

Psychic Protection – Why White Light Alone is Not Enough

Many teachers will have you believe that drawing white light will help with a psychic attack. White light is powerful but there are several reasons why you may not benefit from drawing white light. The Darkness is So Intense That it Takes a While – What you are experiencing may be so grave that you may sit for 5 minutes and wonder why you are not feeling any better. It’s because the concentrating... [Read more]

The 3 Steps You Can Now Take to Start Protecting Yourself From a Psychic Attack

The First Form of Psychic Protection – Trust Yourself - As I continue to say your soul knows and you are always getting communication from your soul. Soul messages come from your dreams, your mental pictures, voices in your head and sometimes people tell you what they are doing to you. The problem is that you may not want to believe the truth but how can you believe the truth when you don’t... [Read more]

The 5 People Most Likely to Launch a Psychic Attack

In the Psychic Shield eBook, I list many stories that have been shared with me over the years. I continue to get letters from readers who share some of their experiences. It’s amazing who those attackers could be. We often have an idea in the mind that an attack can come from someone who is a rival enemy. Someone could be an enemy to you but not give a damn who you are or if you are doing well... [Read more]

When is it Necessary to Get Help Fast for a Psychic Attack

I believe that your first step to protect yourself from a psychic attack is to take the effort to understanding an attack, and then rid yourself of that dark energy from inside of yourself. However there are times when a psychic attack is so sever and you are so weakened that you need to get outside help. You have to ask yourself. Were you experiencing signs of an attack but did nothing about... [Read more]

Discover The 5 Common Ill Effects of a Psychic Attack

The effects of a psychic attack varies a great deal based on the intensity of the attack and a person’s own state of being during the attack. Believe it or not the way you are being, will determine how effective a psychic attack will be. Two different people undergoing the same degree of an attack will experience dramatically different symptoms. One person may die quickly of a heart attack... [Read more]

Why it is Not Necessary to Go to a Psychic to Fix a Psychic Attack

It is not always necessary to seek help when you feel that you are under an attack. The first defense in psychic protection is handling your own attitude. You may not realize that you are supporting a psychic attack by the way you are being. Another reason it’s not necessary to go to a psychic is that you don’t want to immediately give your power away to someone else. I don’t even trust... [Read more]

Learn Why Not All Psychic Attacks Are the Same or Have the Same Effect

Not all Psychic Attack have the same effect. While two people may undergo a similar attack each person will experience the attack very differently. This is largely due to the victim’s state of mind. Some people are very good at rebounding and make an effort to view the negative situation in a different light. While on the other hand, there are many who fall into deep depression when they realize... [Read more]

Don’t Let Others Rent Space in Your Head

That clever title was taken from a book written by Gary Coxe. Although I have not read the book I knew the title was fitting for the message I wanted to convey. Here is something I want everyone who desires to learn the principles of manifesting to understand. The one thing which prevents you from experiencing the reality you would like to create is that you have allowed others to determine what is... [Read more]

Psychic Protection is a Necessity When People Hold Negative Thoughts and Feelings Towards You

Like most people you have probably become aware of the law of attraction.  What you may not fully understand is the governing force behind the law of attraction is energy.  It takes a very large amount of your personal life force energy in order to attract positive changes.   Think for a moment of yourself as a large battery.  In order for that battery to work with maximum power it needs to be... [Read more]

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